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Steel butt-welded flanges by GOST 12821-80 (types, connecting dimensions and dimensions of sealing surfaces by GOST 12815-80)
Pressure, PN 0,1-0,6; 1,0-6,3; 10; 16; 20 MPa
Diameter nominal DN, mm: 10-1600, 10-1200, 10-400, 15-300, 15-200
Materials: steel 3сп, 20, 25, 09Г2С, 10Г2, 15Х5М, 12Х18Н10Т

Steel plate welded flanges by GOST 12820-80.
Diameter nominal, DN, mm: 10-2400, 10-1600, 10-1200, 10-800
Pressure, PN 0.1; 0.25; 0,6; 1,0; 1,6; 2,5 MPa
Materials: steel 3сп, 20, 25, 09Г2С, 10Г2, 15Х5М, 12Х18Н10Т

Blind flange by ATK 24.200.02-90
Outside diameter, D: 95 - 1485 mm
Pressure nominal, PN from 0,6 to 16 MPa
Materials: steel 20, 09Г2С, 12X18H10T, 15X5M


Welding neck flanges DIN 2631-35
Nominal size DN10-1000.
Nominal pressure PN6-40

Screwed flanges DIN 2565 and 2566
Nominal size DN10-150
Nominal pressure PN6-16

Flanges for soldering and welding. DIN 2573 and 2576
Nominal size DN10-500
Nominal pressure PN6-16

Lapped flanges DIN 2642
Nominal size DN10-800.
Nominal pressure PN10-16

Blind flanges DIN 2527
Nominal size DN10-500
Nominal pressure PN6-40

Materials: RSt37.2, C22.8, 1.4541, 1.4571. Other materials - by requests


ANSI B16.5, ANSI B 16.47, Series A&B, ANSI B16.36, ANSI B16.48, MSS SP44, AP16A

Size: 1/2"- 6"

Face Types:
Flat Face, raised Face, Ring Joint Face, Lap-Joint Face
Large Male-Female, Small Male-Female
Large Tongue&Groove, Small Tongue&Groove

Flange Type:
Welding Neck Flange, Long Welding Neck Flange, Lap Joint Flange
Blind Flange, Slip-On Flange, Spectacle Blind, Manhole, Handhole

Carbon Steel
ASTM A105, ASTM A350 LF1, LF2CL1/CL2, LF3CL1/CL2
ASTM A694 F42, F46, F52, F56, F60, F65, F70

Stainless Steel
ASTMA182 F304L, F316/316L, F316H, F310, F321 F44 (UNS S31254)

Alloy Steel
ASTM A182 F1, F5a, F9, F11, F12, F22, F91

Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless Steel
ASTM A182 F51/UNS S31803, F53/UNS S32750, F55/UNS S32760

Special Alloy
Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Inconel X-750, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 800H,, Incoloy 825, Hastelloy C276, Monel 400, Monel K-500