UAB “Vera Stella”
Akmenės g.31 LT-97129, Kretinga
Tel. +370 445 55233


The company can:

1. assemble and repair the metal tanks for hazardous substances with the volume of up to 50000 m3 (inclusive).
2. assemble and repair steel steam and hot water as well as 1st group fluid pressure pipelines.
3. assemble and repair the steam boilers with the efficiency of up to 50 t/h and temperature up to 500°C as well as water heating boilers with the efficiency of up to 35 MW.
4. assemble and repair the pressure vessels.
5. assemble and repair the overhead travelling cranes with the lifting capacity of 50 t (inclusive).
6. pump maintenance and repair work and mounting.
7. vent system and air cooling service and repair work.
8. eliminating leakage of technological equipment (pipelines, pipeline compnents, flages, valves, safety valves and etc.) without shutdown.